NN Ultimate R1 Adjustable Tilt Ring Mount Package

NN Ultimate R1 Adjustable Tilt Ring Mount Pano Head with R-D5 Rotator and Ring Clamp

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Nodal Ninja Ultimate R1 Package with RD5 Rotator and Ring Clamp

A single row pano head designed for use with circular and full frame fisheye lenses such as the Sigma 8mm or Nikon 10.5mm lens along with many other popular fisheye lenses. The R1 pano head incorporates a unique cantilever tilting option suitable for different fisheye lens on different sensor formats under different applications. The ring clamp mounts directly onto the lens itself freeing up the camera. Different cameras can be use on the same lens without adjusting any settings.

  • Ideal for pole photography and/or use with monopod
  • Arca Swiss Compatible quick release design.
  • 8 precise on-the-fly tilting options (-15, -10, -7.5, -2.5, 0, +5, +7.5, +12.5 deg)
  • Options to capture (off-set from No-Parallax-Point) the zenith (up shot) and nadir (down shot) making nadir and zenith patching easier and making sharp long exposure captures possible.
  • Rolling the camera/lens in any position including the popular 0, 60 and 90 degree positions.
  • Lens clamp permanently mounted to lens making reproducible mounting possible, and much quicker to setup.
  • Different cameras can be use on the same lens without adjusting any settings.
  • Compact and light weight great for use on monopods and high poles.
  • Much easier to use.
  • Advanced rotator RD5 with 2,3,4,6 stops detent options and pan lock.
  • Small nadir footprint.
  • Built-in spirit level.
  • Optional spirit level that allows rotation to the side and back for better viewing
  • Optional rail stop that is integrated into the Lens Ring Plate
  • Weight: 485 grams (1lb 1oz)

    Includes: R1, RD5, Ring Clamp, 3/8-1/4 thread adpater, hex key, Neoprene Soft Case


    Manual and Instalation Guides


    Lens Ring Installation

    • R1 QRG
      A quick reference guide for the Nodal Ninja Ultimate R1 series.




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    Anthony, wow...quick response & wasn't expecting this till tomorrow.


    Thank you for the prompt and professional service. Your business deserves to do well, and I hope it does. You will definetly get return business from me...

    Brendon from W.A.

    Hi Anthony, The package arrived today, and as you said, it is substantially more solid that the NN3, so very happy with the quality.


    Hi Anthony: Thanks for the advice... very helpful.


    Hi Anthony, Thanks for the advice... very helpful.

    Daniel (Visual Media Solutions)

    Anthony, Thank you very much for this information and for being so quick to get my order happening. I am looking forward to receiving the NN5. I am now off to check out the links for the stitching software that you recommended in your other email as well as the panorama photography sites that you suggested for inspiration. Thank you very much again. It has been a pleasure to deal with you.


    anthony, arrived this morning. it's a nicely made piece of kit! can't wait to set it up and starting practicing. it's a very solid unit. doesn't flex a mm with the 7D + grip attached. very impressed.


    Thank you Anthony.. You have been a great source of advice...

    John (Destiny Photohraphy)

    Anthony, Just letting you know that the EZ-Leveller arrived safely today. Bloody quick I reckon. Good one. Thank you..


    Anthony, Thanks for your email. I'm impressed by your service so far and I eagerly anticipate the arrival of my NN.


    Anthony, thanks for prompt reply.


    thanks sooo much for your help!!


    Your services and support are outstanding. You are always willing to go way beyond in providing great after-sales service.

    Destiny Photography Studio

    thanks again for the quick turnaround and all worked really well for the first shoot with the NN5 the other week. Have you used it several times already and we are very happy.


    already done some shooting with the head, i cant believe the difference it makes when it comes to stitching the images together.


    Thankyou, the parcel has arrived. I appreciate your promptness, given your recent return from overseas.

    Adrienne (Open2View)

    Thanks again for getting the nodal ninja to me last week at such short notice, it arrived in time and the shoot went well. I’ve attached a jpg of the result.


    Thanks for the extremely prompt reply considering the time over on the east coast. Many thanks.


    Anthony, Thanks, again, for your timely advice, especially about the GPS data logger. I'll follow that up for sure.


    I received the knob as you posted it, great its the same piece!! :-) Thanks again for your support in this story, i will remenber you on my next pano session. Best Regards

    Germain Herviault

    First of all thank you for your great support. I believied this problem could stay for long but you solved it out in a very good short notice time. Your company made me feel that you are there for the people and listening to there problems, at the end it makes a big difference!!! I wich i can have more people like you with solutions in front of me, in the futur i will remind you. Thanks again, Best Regards

    Germain Herviault

    I have just received my package. I would like to take this opportunity to pass on my thanks and my appreciation of your prompt service. Kind regards

    Neil Streeter

    Hi Anthony, Good to see that the shop is open on a Sunday morning! Many thanks,


    Hi Anthony, Just advising that I will be placing my order later this week. Thanks for all your great assistance. Nodal Ninja have shosen well for their Australian Distributor. regards

    Fiona Martin

    Thanks for the quick shipping Anthony, I certainly received the item today and tried it. Very sturdy, great product!


    Hi Anthony, Many thanks for your prompt service. The Nodal Ninja 5L arrived today, and it looks like a really well made piece of equipment. I'm very happy to have chosen Nodal Ninja.

    Allen Koppe ACS, Cinematographer

    Hey mate, Got all the gear this morning, fantastic! Really looking forward to testing this all out on the weekend before the shoot, thanks so much for your patience and help I really appreciate it. Love the arca swiss mount, just what I was after. Thanks again. Kind Regards

    Brendan Seals, BA (MDesign), VFX Artist

    Wow I'm impressed, and glad I went with you guys. When I've read your material and had a chance to try it on the first sunlit first light morning I'll send you some samples. Thanks again

    George Hammerstein

    Anthony, The goods arrived when stated, thanks for the service. Thanks

    Ian Nisbett

    Wow, I found your details in the article in Australian Photography, and went straight to your website to check it out. I must say that I am impressed

    Paul White